Wednesday, 20 April 2011

As per usual!

I have neglected my little blog...

Sorry! I actually have two marvellous recipes to share with you soon, one being Hand Made Pesto - from the Crepes of Wrath and the other being this wicked foccaicia bread...

But - the main reason I haven’t been blogging about food - is because I have been trying to stay away from it!

I looked in the mirror about a month ago and decided I needed to make some serious changes. Usually, my system works like this:

- Spend all summer working out like crazy. Boot camp, Yoga, walking, running, biking, eating healthy, and getting into that super hot - beach body style... Then, once the leaves start to fall.
Rawr! This chick is hardcore! Check out that bicep!

- Spend all winter doing NOTHING. Except cooking nice and heavy meals (like my Slutty Casserole) dousing everything in a nice white sauce, and generally being lazy.

Not Hardcore... all soft and stuffs...

Now usually when the spring rolls around it’s not such a big deal to get it off, however this year, I had the additional dreaded "Girlfriend" weight.

To define: Girlfriend weight is weight gained once you enter into a relationship.  This is especially easy when you start cooking yummy meals for your man, and disregarding the calories in each meal. Then, you both collectively gain weight.

Now, summer is rolling around and I decided that as per usual, in the spring, I get this body back into shape. Usually it takes about three weeks to start seeing results and getting really into it. This time, which is really sucking, it is taking longer, mainly because of the added girlfriend weight.

I am also happy to say that in addition to Boot camp and Yoga, I have started playing Dodge ball! Pictures soon to follow I promise.

Thanks for your patience; I promise I will make time for you lovely blog followers...



PS. A shout out to Frieda (who Loves Bread) whose lovely words reminded me to get back on the Blogity-Blog-Blog horse! Check out her site, its chok-full of yummy recipes!! Thanks Frieda!